Use cases


Store a document

If people want to store a document in the Blockchain, the terminal could be the gateway to support this. Storing documents in the Blockchains gives this document a date/time stamp and the user is able to proof he uploaded that specific document at that exact date/time in case there is a need to prove its existence.

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Print proof

In order to proof that you are the owner of stored data (that could be a document for example) you can print a proof that you are the owner of that stored data. With adding the document to the Blockchain, in the confirmation the system have given you a private key. This private key is your private key to this locked and stored document. If you can provide this key to the machine, it can decode and check the correspondent document and print a proof that this key is the key to document X. In this way you can prove to another person that only you have access to this document with the private key.

Notary services

There are many notary services that require you to sign documents in person at an notary office. By using the Notary service DAPP it is possible for Notary companies to add documents to the Notary DAPP and assign a public and private key to that document. The notary provides these two keys to the person that needs to sign the documents. The person that needs to sign the notary document will use the Notary DAPP to identify and sign the requested document. This saves a lot of travelling, overhead costs but also will create new services for the notary and public services.

Smart Contracts

The terminal allows people to create their own Smart Contract. A Smart Contract is a contract that is executed when the terms are met that are defined in the contract. Like selling a car to somebody else. If a payment is received and added to the contract, the contract is executed. The seller gets the money, the buyer gets the ownership transferred to him. These are the basics of a Smart Contract that could well be executed by the visitor of the terminal or external companies that will prepare the contract for people. Those people can then go to the terminal and “pay a contract”

Pay a smart contract

If a contract is made and it requires a payment to meet the terms in the contract, then the person that is requested to pay can use the terminal and the “Pay a contract” DAPP. With filling in an unique contract number combined with a verified identity, the contract can be reviews and payed. The terms of the contract will then be met and the contract is executed transferring the values to the beloved holders.

Pay a bill

If you need to pay a bill, like your internet bill, car insurance, electricity or another bill, then you can use this DAPP. Connected businesses are able to send you an unique payment ID that you will fill in in the terminal. You will see the bill description and the amount of money you need to pay. You can identify yourself through the means possible on that terminal and pay the bill with the payment methods available on that machine. Your payment will be added to the Blockchain and a receipt will be printed. The business requested the payment will be notified as well.

Send payment across the globe

If there is a need to send money or tokens from A to B, the terminal can be the method for doing that. It can be used combining the alias system integrated in the Blockchain or even auto-convert input to output. (e.g. input Dollar and conversion output Euro).

Cash conversion

A possible DAPP on the Terminal could be the conversion of cash into tokens, virtual currency or another FIAT currency. Input can be physical money, debit card, credit card or any other payment method available on the terminal.


Insure anything though the terminal insurance DAPP. Insurance companies can apply for this DAPP to offer their service on the terminal. For example: If you bought a car and want to have the car insured, you can go to the terminal, choose the “insurance” DAPP and choose the insurance company you want to use. Depending the company you will have to fill in the details, identify yourself with the required ID method (like fingerprint or IRIS scan or PIN) and agree on the insurance specifics. You can also pay directly if you want. The machine will give a receipt that you are insured that is needed to prove you are insured in the case it is requested by law. It could also be a possibility that more insurance companies can give a quote on the machine based on your entries and the customer can choose the best offer for their needs.

Cast a vote

If there is a voting for an election, national matter or some other voting purpose, the terminal can function as a voting booth. Possibly a mini-terminal will be used on location where people can cast their vote. People need to identify themselves though the requested methods. If identified the DAPP will show the matter of the vote and the vote can be made. The vote will be - anonymous - stored on the Blockchain and the authority rightful to see the vote results can extract the results from the Blockchain. In this case the votes can not be tampered with. The voter will get a receipt of their vote from the terminal as well

Ticket services

Our terminals will offer the possibility to our customers to pre purchase tickets to amusement parks or any other event. This would greatly help avoiding lines and speeding up entrance to parks all over the world, by providing pre paid tickets and confirmations with times and dates to customers.

Copyright and IP

When creating something unique you want an easy way to store the copyright / ownership or intellectual property in a way that its easy to insert and easy to extract for legal purposes. The ADM will facilitate this which makes intermediaries obsolete.