One access point for a decentralised economy

Blockchain and location based decentralised services. Powered by the I/O Coin Blockchain & partners. The ADM Ecosystem, technical works, interface and design are registered at BeNeLux i-depot numbers 109240 / 111813 and provisional patent at US patent office.

Any application

Any Blockchain based application that reaches the general public for their service can use the ADM system

Localize your content

ADM systems are all over the world. You can activate your application based on geo-location

Energy efficient

Services are powered by the I/O Coin Blockchain that is energy efficient by using the Proof of Stake protocol

Upload feature

The ADM system is equipped with data / document upload features like USB, scanner or mail2blockchain possibilities

Arbitrary services

Smart contracts, voting, signing documents or print a proof of ownership. Possible with the ADM terminal

Identification services

The ADM is equipped with IRIS recognition, Pin ID, Fingerprint ID and more measures to ensure validity and security

 Our mission

Our mission

Since 2014 we are in Blockchain. Blockchain technology brings unprecedented opportunities and possibilities. Numerous businesses are exploring ways to enable Blockchain for their idea or actual business process. Decentralised applications for public services are in need of a general access point. Our mission is to empower a decentralised economy and bring Blockchain based and verified applications to the consumer enabled on a device that is known by everybody.

Bringing the Blockchain economy to the general public and facilitating the infrastructure